Which Patients In The Pharmacy Benefit The Most From Detailed Patient-Specific Counseling?

Pharmacists are required to provide medication counseling to patients when they dispense a prescription, but standard counseling sometimes may not go far enough. Discussing the purpose, correct usage, and potential side effects of medication is important, but complex patients often need more involved patient-specific counseling. This form of counseling addresses all issues that could lead to a patient taking their medication incorrectly or stop taking it. While this form of counseling takes longer, it's a great tool for improving medication compliance.

Understanding Your Child's Depression: A Parent's Guide To Treatment Options

Depression is a pervasive and serious mental health issue affecting people of all ages, including children. As a parent, witnessing your child struggle with depression can be heart-wrenching. This guide will provide a broad understanding of your child's depression and the various treatment options available to support their recovery. It is crucial to note that this information should not replace professional advice but serve as a comprehensive resource to equip you better in this journey.

Is EMDR Therapy The Right Choice For You?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an option for treating trauma. The idea behind EMDR therapy is to use bilateral stimulation in guided sessions to help patients process their traumas and associated emotional issues. Are you a good candidate for this therapeutic approach? Many people can benefit from EMDR, but folks in these four groups tend to seek this kind of therapy more often. Difficulty with Daily Functioning