Understanding the ADSAC Evaluation: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) offense, you may be required to complete an Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse Course (ADSAC) before your driving privileges can be reinstated. One of the most crucial components of the ADSAC program is the evaluation process. The ADSAC evaluation is designed to assess the severity of your substance use disorder and determine the most appropriate level of intervention necessary to prevent future alcohol or drug-related incidents. 

Step 1: Schedule Your Evaluation Appointment

The first step in the ADSAC evaluation process is to schedule an appointment with a licensed alcohol and drug substance abuse counselor. It is essential to plan your appointment in advance as there may be a waiting list due to the number of people who require the evaluation. Ensure that you bring any necessary documentation, including your arrest record, driving abstract, and court order.

Step 2: Attend the Evaluation Session

During the evaluation session, you will be asked to complete an interview with the ADSAC counselor to discuss and assess your current and past drug or alcohol abuse. The counselor will ask questions about your alcohol or drug consumption history, family history of substance abuse, and other related factors. This part of the evaluation generally takes around an hour to complete.

Step 3: Select a Level of Intervention

After the evaluation, the counselor will determine the most appropriate level of intervention. The intervention level selected will depend on the severity of the addiction and the potential risk of future substance abuse. The intervention may include one or more of the following:

  • Level 1: Education and Awareness Program
  • Level 2: Outpatient Treatment
  • Level 3: Intensive Outpatient/Day Treatment
  • Level 4: Residential Treatment Program

Step 4: Complete the Intervention Program

Once you have decided on the level of intervention, you will be required to enroll in and complete the program. The duration of the program can vary depending on the level of intervention selected. However, it is essential to complete the program as it is necessary to satisfy the court order and reinstate your driving privileges.

Step 5: Submit Completion Certificate and Follow Up

After completing the intervention program, you will receive a certificate of completion that must be submitted to the court to fulfill your requirements. Additionally, you may be required to attend follow-up sessions with the ADSAC counselor or complete random drug/alcohol testing to ensure that you are on the path to recovery and prevent future incidents.

For more information about the ADSAC evaluation, reach out to a local counseling service.