Failing To Deal With Your Own Stress As A Manager Can Lead To These Things

There's little question that managing a company can be stressful for a number of reasons. As a manager, you may be feeling pressure from the company's ownership to increase profits, and this can mean pushing your staff members harder — which could compel them to feel stressed and complain to you. If you're seeing signs of your stress slowly getting higher and higher, you should seek the help of a therapist whose primary focus is on helping people with workplace stress. If you fail to do so, you may notice that the following unfortunate situations begin to take place more frequently.

Poor Relationships With Staff

A manager who is highly stressed will often struggle to maintain a good relationship with his or her staff. It's possible that you could be so stressed that you fail to be a good listener when an employee comes to you with a problem, and this can result in him or her not wanting to confide in you again in the future. If your staff members are aware of your stress, they may feel as though you're not doing a professional job of leading by example, which can potentially lead to a loss of respect.

Bad Decision Making

As a manager, you need to make critical decisions every day and doing so requires a clear mind. When you're stressed, however, you may fail to look at every problem in a neutral manner, and this could lead you to begin to make bad decisions. Bad decisions at work can be highly problematic, potentially resulting in more stress. For example, if your boss begins to scrutinize your decision making, you'll feel a higher level of stress.

Potential Issues With Staff Retention

If your employees are acutely aware of your stress, and they've noticed problems in your decision making and negative changes in your relationship with them, they may begin to feel as though it's no longer worthwhile to work for the company. No one wants to work in a highly stressed environment, so some of your people may begin to look for work elsewhere. Employee retention problems can an issue because they'll further add to your stress, which could then further increase the pace at which people leave. A therapist who handles stressed business professionals can help you in a number of ways, including giving you and outlet to talk about your stressors, suggest strategies that you can employ at work to deal with stress, and more.

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