Marriage Counseling: 3 Tactics Commonly Implemented To Spice Up A Dead Bedroom

Physical intimacy and sex is an important component to a healthy marriage and relationship. In fact, between 80% to 90% of men find sex to be the most important aspect of their marriage. Due to this reason, a dead bedroom can really strain a marriage and create numerous conflicts. Still, sex is a sensitive topic for many couples and they are hesitant to seek counseling even when they are faced with a dead bedroom. If this is the case for you and your partner, don't watch as your marriage deteriorates. Instead, be proactive and seek counseling. Counselors can recommend many different tactics. Here are 3 of the most common ones.

Help Each Other with Chores and Tasks to Remove Stress

It's not surprising that many couples tend to experience a lower libido when they feel stressed. If your partner's libido has lowered significantly due to the many things that are going in their life, you can definitely try to help them out by offering to do some chores for them. During counseling, you and your partner can both identify which issues tend to be most stressful for the both of you. Recognizing which issues are more stressful for each partner can help both of you come up with solutions on how to help one another get over stressful times.

Explore Sexual Fantasies by Spending Time at an Adult Store

When sex gets boring, it's not unusual for one or both partner to start to lose interest. Many marriage counselors highly recommend their clients to visit an adult store with their partner, as it's time to get acquainted once more with their own sexuality. Take a look at how different toys can enhance your experience in the bedroom and don't knock it until you try it. You can even buy romance or erotic novels at an adult store and pick up on some sexy language to use in the bedroom.

Create Couple Rituals

Dead bedrooms are sometimes caused by lack of bonding or intimacy. Different partners might require different types of intimacies. During counseling, you and your partner can identify what your love language may be. From there, you can both create couple rituals that are unique to you and your spouse, and can make each of you feel special. For example, if your partner prioritizes physical contact, creating the ritual of giving them a kiss before they go to work can do wonders for your relationship. On the other hand, if you prioritize praise and compliments, your partner might want to try giving you a compliment each morning when they wake up.


A dead bedroom can put a huge strain on your marriage. Don't sit idly by while your marriage deteriorates. Instead, tackle the problem head on by signing up for some marriage counseling. A counselor can help you identify what the root of the problem may be, so that you and your partner can reignite a spark in your marriage.