4 Things to Understand about Mental Crisis Stabilization Units

If you or a loved one has a psychological issue, it is possible that you will require the support of a crisis stabilization unit (CSU) at some point. For example, if you have been diagnosed with severe depression, a CSU may be necessary if you ever become suicidal. Similarly, if you suffer from anxiety or bipolar disorder, you may need to be admitted to a CSU if you become overly agitated or paranoid. Below are some things that you should know about the CSU in your area ahead of time if you are at risk for a mental crisis. 

Most CSUs Are Open 24 Hours a Day 

For most mental hospitals, the CSU is similar to the emergency room. They are usually open 24 hours a day and will admit patients at any time. Similarly, they usually have a 24-hour hotline that you can call for help. If you have a mental crisis, it is a good idea to contact the CSU directly as opposed to going to a general emergency room. 

A CSU Will Likely Be Able to Treat an Individual More Thoroughly Than an Emergency Room 

General emergency rooms are equipped to handle psychiatric emergencies. However, because CSUs specialize in psychiatric emergencies, they are likely to have more highly trained staff on hand and access to more resources to help stabilize you. If you go to a general emergency room, you may have to be transferred to a CSU once your condition stabilizes; going directly to a CSU allows you to skip this step. 

Some CSUs Require Admittance through an Emergency Room 

Not every CSU allows direct admittance, especially if the CSU is connected to a general hospital as opposed to a psychiatric hospital. In these cases, you will need to go to the general emergency room or call paramedics to take you to the CSU. This is sometimes the case for minors and patients over 65, even if most adults can be directly admitted to the CSU. To find out the policies of your nearest CSU, you should call before you need services. 

If You Cannot Get to the CSU on Your Own, You Should Call Emergency Services 

Often, if you or a loved one is experiencing a mental crisis, it may not be safe to drive to the CSU on your own. You can either call the CSU and ask them to dispatch a medical team to your location or call your local emergency services and ask for the crisis intervention team to get further instructions. 

For more information about CSUs, talk to a mental health hospital like Park Center Inc in your area.