3 Ways To Improve Communication When Your Spouse Travels For Work

If your spouse is starting a new job that will allow him or her to only be home on the weekends, it may not take long for you to feel disconnected from each other. When a spouse travels for work, it can be hard on the marriage; however, you might be able to stay more connected by intentionally seeking ways to do connect. Here are three good tips that may help you stay more connected when your spouse's job takes him or her away from home.

Communicate often

The first thing you should do to stay connected is make communication a priority, and this should include daily phone calls. If possible, try to talk in the morning and evening, or even more often than this. In between phone calls, send each other texts or emails. Let the other person know what your schedule looks like for the day, and communicate words of affirmation to each other. Sending a short text that says "I miss you" only takes a few seconds, yet it can help you stay connected.

Plan a date night each week

If your spouse is only home on the weekends, it will be extremely vital to spend good, quality time with each other, and a great way to do this is with a date night. A great idea for this is taking turns planning the dates. When it's your turn, try to think of a good place to take your spouse that they would enjoy. When it's their turn, your spouse can try to choose some place you would like to go. This alone time will help you build intimacy and stay connected. It will also help you catch up on things the other person missed throughout the week.

Talk about your insecurities

Each of you may have some insecurities with this type of situation, and you should talk about them. For example, if you have a husband, you may worry that your he will be tempted to meet up with other women while he is gone, and he might have similar worries too. The important thing is to let each other know how you feel and what your concerns are. By doing this, you can work together to try to reduce those types of feelings.

If you need additional help with a situation like this, you may want to consider seeking help from a marriage counselor. Marriage counselors, like those at Associates For Counseling & Psychotherapy, can help you work out these issues and find ways that will help you stay connected.