Struggling With Ennui? Could Intuitive Counseling Help Return Life To Your Days?

If you've found yourself often feeling as though you're just going through the motions of everyday life without deriving much enjoyment, you may be experiencing ennui – not quite apathy, not quite clinical depression, but a limbo area in which your normal responses to stimuli are dampened by stress, exhaustion, illness, or even poor nutrition. Although you can break out of this ennui with a little help, the longer you remain in this state, the harder it may be to retrain your thoughts. Read on to learn more about intuitive counseling to see if this is a service that might be able to help improve your state of mind.

What is intuitive counseling?

Intuitive counseling is unlike many other types of mental health therapy in that it does not need to be performed by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. Instead, an intuitive counselor is someone who is uniquely able to help you make the mental connections between a variety of behaviors and feelings you may be experiencing. These counselors take a holistic view of mental health issues, looking at factors ranging from nutrition to spinal alignment that could be throwing your world (and your thoughts) off-kilter. By validating the multiple times you intuit behavior or intentions on a daily basis (like the pit of fear you may feel when being followed by heavy unseen footsteps), your counselor can help you regain trust in your intuition.

An intuitive counseling session is fairly patient-led, and you'll be able to explain the issues you've been experiencing in a calm, non-judgmental environment. The counselor may ask you some questions to clarify or elaborate on certain statements and may lead you through some meditation exercises to relax you and put you more in touch with your quiet inner thoughts. 

Can intuitive counseling help you with feelings of ennui?

In many cases, ennui results from being worn down by "the grind" – perhaps you're unhappy with your job, your commute, or certain aspects of your relationships, but feel too tired and overwhelmed to tackle any of the problems you're facing. By seeking intuitive counseling, you'll be able to tap into your inner intuition to determine your best path – without being bogged down by outside opinions or other considerations. Even if the answer your intuitive counseling session reveals isn't something immediately achievable (like moving into a different industry or going back to school), you'll feel better with a more solid path in mind that has been validated by your own gut instinct.

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